Playstation VR: No Man’s Sky VR should get “significantly” more beautiful graphics


The patch thunderstorm for No Man’s Sky VR continues. Especially PSVR owners can look forward to a graphics update. There are two big markets for PSVR, porn (-> and games!

In mid-August, the highly traded, free VR mode for the space exploration game “No Man’s Sky VR” was released. Highly traded therefore, since the game sold well in the monitor version and approximately one million No-Man’s Sky players should have access to suitable VR glasses. This makes No Man’s Sky one of the most popular VR games ever.

  • At the market launch, however, the game caused rather long faces due to technical problems.
  • Even PC players with fast computers can’t play the VR game with a constantly high refresh rate.
  • This is a no-go under VR glasses, because jerks promote VR nausea.

PSVR and PC: No Man’s Sky VR to become prettier

Playstation VR players didn’t have any problems with jerks, but they have to live with a very pixelated and blurred image. Even distant landscapes sink into the pixel porridge. In his first impression, he commented: “A graphic smear that seems almost too big for me for what Virtual Reality offers in the end in terms of immersive added value”.

The developer studio Hello Games now offers improvements: In the documentation for the latest, still experimental PC patch the talk is of optimizations for better rendering performance for both PC VR and PSVR.

Especially for Playstation VR a “significantly improved picture quality” is noted: The blur shall be reduced as well as ugly edges in the surrounding graphics. It is not yet known when the patch for Playstation VR will be released.

Hello Games boss Sean Murray promised long-term support for the market launch of No Man’s Sky VR: “In contrast to the monitor version, the VR version is still in its infancy.

“I expect a lot of people’s wishes, and we will see a lot of new players playing in very different ways,” Murray said.